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*True Beltane!



At the exact time we gather tonight, 

the Sun will have just arrived 

at 15 Taurus 00 – exact mid-season,


The Spring time Halloween, 

one of the 4 gates of Power, 

where power is especially eager to be invited 

into the world, for desirable animation


Photo of Moon by Ralph Lapalnche (Rockford, Illinois)


*And, for bonus points, 

tis Waxing Full Moon – The Buddhas Moon, 

tis a super moon (the last of the year)- 

Moon at perigee, closest to earth


Conjoining Uranus and Mercury…

early Thursday Morning…


*Humming in the field is the 

50 year anniversary of Kent State, 

to whose chart we shall listen. 


Resonant with the Showtime 

“Penny Dreadful-City of Angels,”- 

which gives a narrative animation 

of what thought form might cause 

a soldier to shoot into a crowd..

At Kent State – 13 seconds. 

And as the City of Angels villains state 

“…isn’t just a tragedy, but an opportunity…”



Nathan Lane in Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (Photo: Showtime)


And I am reminded by Nathan Lane’s 

fabulous portrayal of authentic, 

1938 good guy Jewish detective, all pertinent…


Detective Aikido, not thin-skinned, 

calm, quippy confident aplomb 

in the face of tyranny.


We know from archived tweets 

that Bannon lit the fire of chaos lust in trump, 

who responds in Feb 10, 2014 


“Now, you know what solves it 

(Bannon says he wants to destroy all structure) 

When the economy crashes, 

when the country goes to total hell, 

and everything is a disaster. 

Then you’ll have riots to go back 

to where we used to be, 

when we were great.”


That be the Dementor play-book…


Expediency to justify cruelty

Galadriel and the ring


Let’s see what Liberating Trickster can do…


Jupiter (Juno Orbiter Dec 2017 NASA JPL Caltech SwRI MSSS, David Marriott)


3 planets to station retrograde, 

going on a Vision Quest to remember their craft…


Saturn, May 10th-Sept. 29th – leadership;

Venus, May 12th till June 24th – artful conversing;

Jupiter, May 14th, till Sept. 18th…

useful stories and blessing


From mid April:


“Rather than either accelerating the federal government’s production 

of coronavirus testing or giving states fiscal room to handle it themselves, 

Trump is doing neither. He is promoting anti-social-distancing protests 

against Democratic governors as a blunt weapon to compensate for his 

managerial incompetence. If he cannot provide the conditions to allow 

states to relax social distancing while following public-health guidelines, 

he will try to force them by whipping up angry mobs.


There is nothing remotely strategic about this course of action. 

Polls show the governors he is attacking, and the social-distancing

 measures they are currently enforcing, are popular. Trump is fomenting 

anarchy (chaos) in his own country, undermining the prospects for the 

orderly recovery he needs in order to win reelection, and creating the risk 

of a violent tragedy. (The Confederate-flag-waving protesters blocking 

the entrance to a hospital in Michigan yesterday is the sort of episode 

that, if repeated, could go very badly.) He is raging angrily against 

the system because he is hopelessly out of his depth.” 


(Can’t remember the source of this quote, 

for attribution, for its succinct analysis.)




Venus painting by Michael Parkes


Venus stationing square Neptune:

We continue, to hone our nuanced discerning, 

to navigate the story storm…


And ruminating on the great befoiblement, of expediency, 

for whom lies, and self-justification are the henchmen.


Intriguing guiding narrative:


“Satanic” Vaccines And Satire Gone Wild: 

COVID-19 Disinfo Meets Religion


“A pandemic is a time of anxiety, and anxiety is the 

perfect breeding ground for fakes, hoaxes, rumors, and lies.”


“While social media greatly amplifies false information 

and speeds up its spread, in many ways, this phenomenon 

has always been with us. Remember that time European Jews 

were blamed for the Black Death, for example?”


Having a sense of perspective is important in a time like this. 

As is the understanding that many people 

spread lies completely unwittingly. 


Any long-term solutions to the spread of false information online 

must factor in intent — most people pushing this stuff aren’t 

evil masterminds. This is especially true of religious communities 

where literally communing with one another is a big aspect of life 

to begin with. People get a bit of “news” about how “aborted babies” 

will be used in a COVID-19 vaccine and feel it is 

their spiritual duty to share it.


By ascribing these people the role of evil masterminds, 

we lend the lies and hoaxes that much more power. 


What matters more in times like these is simply shining a light 

on what is happening. This is why I look forward to hearing from 

those of you who are plugged into these networks — what patterns 

have you noticed? What conclusions have you drawn?”


“The problem is, you can’t apply double standards to disinformation 

and misinformation. If you’re horrified by people spreading hysteria 

that can cost lives in the middle of a pandemic — you can’t give 

them ammunition to do so. 


In other words, if you don’t want your grandmother to send articles 

to her quilting appreciation group about how we must halt vaccine 

research because it is Satanic, you can’t turn around and retweet 

a fake story about Pat Robertson blaming “ladies’ private parts” 

for the pandemic. 


Or, at the very least, undo the retweet, and tell your followers 

that you’ve been had. “



And another narrative, also to nuance, sift through,

 brew with others… Maybe just a pinch in the broth…



I, Coronavirus. Mother. Monster. Activist.

by Bayo Akomolafe


“This essay is an experiment in speculative fabulation, in reframes 

and the telling of wild facts.[1] Think of that as journalism into the 

feral conditions and magnificent terrains that make facts, as we have 

come to understand them, possible….


Encouraging us, 

“into noticing the world differently. Into touching the 

scandalous fugitivity and plausibility of the impossible. 

Noticing the world differently can have material consequences 

that could be the difference between taking care and perpetuating 

paradigms of oppression and needless suffering.”


If this is indeed a war, do we really want to win it? 

What if winning is the worst possible outcome we could imagine? 

Do we want to come out on top, stamp out this viral enemy, and 

restore agency to the cold ossified tentacles of the familiar? 

Are we sure this disruption is not what we want, 

what we’ve cried for in unvoiced ways?

May our normal never be the same again. 

May our roads be rough, and the disturbance our sanctuaries.”




Brewing broth


Speaking of broth:


I am cooking a giant pot 

of chicken heads and feet,

For the dogs and cats,

Which suits my mood



(Although sparing you a photo, 

in case the image does not match 

your alchemical mood.)


and stirring, including 

(we got serious, let’s add – ) whimsy


Considering the art of insult, 

and how it wants to be liberating…


(crucial part of Noire Detective Aikido)


So here be some, 

to carry around in magic back-pack, 

to be prepared, hoping, for the opportune moment.


From “The Philadelphia Story,” the merry repartee 

betwixt the characters of Cary Grant & Katherine Hepburn,

about the doofus she was about to marry:


K: “Why, you hardly know him.”

C: “To hardly know him – is to know him well.”


K: “He’s very modest”

C: “With much to be modest about.”


“The cheaper the crook- the gaudier the patter” 

(Humphrey Bogart in The Maltese Falcon, to hoodlum 

who had said was gonna pepper his liver, or something.)


Members of Parliament:

“Sir, you will either die of venereal disease, 

or on the gallows.”


Response: “That depends, Sir, on whether 

I embrace your mistress or your morals.”




and of course, the always wonderful, 

Groucho Marx:

“I’ve had a wonderful evening – this wasn’t it.”


Let’s encourage each other to hone…

more fun artful insults…




Ishtar (Venus)


Recovering Voices….


Venus descending to take the gag off….

In every micro and macro circumstance…


Let the CDC have its 

guiding scientific voice un-gagged…


And where would each of us 

like to see the gag coming off…?


I will arbitrarily end here, 

having far too much information,

and aspiring to stir it into coherence, 

or wonton soup (means Chaos soup)


One last quote from Bruce Lee:

(having noticed, when I am outside today, 

feel full of the glory of the word and water 

and burgeoning life…


When I come inside to sit at desk, 

I want to take a nap…)


“When my acute self-consciousness grew 

to what the psychologists refer to as the “double-bind” type, 

my instructor would again approach me and say, 

“Loong, preserve yourself by following the natural bends of things 

and don’t interfere. Remember never to assert yourself against nature; 

never be in frontal opposition to any problems, but control it by 

swinging with it. Don’t practice this week: Go home and think about it.”




Mars and Uranus (NASA)


Much guiding joy herein…


Mars quintiles Uranus,

if we hone our messaging, 

and the metaphoric fuel on which we run, 

twill, open up paths for humans to collaborate

 on energy sources that are beautiful…



This event is speaking to us….

that we may glean guiding useful to us now

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