Enroll in Trickster Training Council

Dedicating to moving our emotional default setting to “Woof-Woof-Wanna-Play?!”

Trickster Training Council membership includes:

  • Weekly Live Monday Councils & Tele*Coyote email with Chart(s) & Astro*Mytho Themes
  • Recordings of all previous tele*coyotes
  • Facebook Group for cahooting with the council
  • Free Tickets to Caroline’s Online Solstice and Equinox Councils
  • All of Caroline’s archives of recorded talks including Bioneers, Solstice and Equinox celebrations
  • Making the Gods Work for You Audio Book and Visionary Activist Astrology 9 hour long audio series
  • Weekly Visionary Activist Radio Show Astro*Mytho Chart & Themes
  • First group to get access to all new recordings and new adventures!

3 Month Membership Trickster Training Council


Interested in Yearly for $500?

Contact Eryn@coyotenetworknews.com to request!

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