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Enrollment closed 2/13

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Welcoming all who wish to be ever more effective players on the Team of Creation at this time of dire beauty.

untitled-drawingNo rules, but guide-lines,  no homework, but encouraging experiments. Drawing on her extensive study in myriad Mystery Schools, (such as Gurdgieff, Arica, Builders of the Adytum etc Santeria, Sufism, New Orleans Voudoun etc..) Caroline guides the Trickster Team to explore the potent possibilities of an increasingly dedicated team of visualizers to occasion mega-desirable mojo and reciprocal blessing.

Subscribed Tricksters Aspirants are invited to chime in, or e-mail during the council.

The essence of ritual magic is literalizing metaphor…

So each week as we convene, we frolic with our male_mountain_goat_animal_oreamnos_americanusungettable and un-scapeable goats (our autonomy) – And if someone “gets our goat,” why then it returns even friskier!

We each have our guiding wisdom animal.

And our Magic Backpack that includes such useful things as our metaphoric agility, sourdough starters, liberating blessings, and our ever ready harumphitude-composter (ready to compost corruption and distill distress into Medicine that encourages our calm customized Coyote in cool creative response).

We play:

Metaphor is the incarnational garb whereby Power enters the world

cosmic-egg-orphic-eggSo cultivating metaphoric agility is a central skill whereby to be a conscious participant in the Cultural Renaissance.

Past Council Members:

If you were part of a short-term council with Caroline in the last few years, find your council archives on this page (must log-in)

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Email to reach out to our wolfote pack for help.