Steve Eardley’s Sabian Symbols

Steve Eardley’s “Revised Sabian Symbols” is the prominent resource for astral metaphoric imagery in the Tele*Coyotes.

The Zodiac by Degrees: Second Edition, Extensively Revised

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on February 9, 2016 
Steve Eardley’s (aka Martin Goldsmith) work has been an invaluable contribution to my life, and many clients with whom I have worked over 35+ years, quoting from his book on “Moon Phases”, a re-working of Yeats’ “A Vision,” turns out to be far more beautifully useful to me than Yeats’ actual work (I discovered when I went to source.) He is a rare and true scholar. His version of Sabian Symbols, although I tustle with him on some
symbols that he’s changed, grrr, some have been pure genius improvements. So, as one of myriad sources to which we look, Steve’s book, 2
copies, completely falling out of their bindings, and raggedy, well worn hand-published booklet from 35 years ago, are always on
my desk.”